If you don’t know this already, I’m Sasha one of the creators of Fandomsnews.com, pleasure to make your acquaintance : ).  My Booktubing story started not to long ago in late February, 2013. I always loved reading ever since I was little, but two things really made reading difficult. Those were my eyesight (which luckily improved) and my Dyslexia. Once I got older reading became easier as I developed new skills. There was just one problem… WHO DO HAVE BOOK-TALK WITH? This is where YouTube comes into play.

There are all sorts of people you can meet over YouTube with similar hobbies/interests as you. Funny enough, before I even met Daisy, I watched her booktubing videos on youtube! YouTube lets you talk about things you love to people who love it as much as you do. This lead me to make Abookutopia. I always watched book tubers but never really thought about making videos expressing my “feels” about the books I loved.

But one day that changed and I spontaneously decided to make a video, wonderful decision! Three months later I now have 19 videos and 1,000+ subscribers. I make videos on book reviews, book challenges, book trailers, movie trailer remakes, fandoms, book to movie adaption talk and much, much more. My progression with youtube so far is pretty good but its still a work in progress. Im getting a new video camera along with video lighting and microphones, and by getting these things I strive to make my account the best it can be. T

hanks for reading my story and I hope you check out my page. Link below! Its truly abookutopia : )


My Cartoon image

Me in Cartoon form ^


7 replies

  1. I love your your tube channel. It is amazing! We completely have the same style in books which is really cool. I really want to read Obsidian because you make it sound amazing- which i am pretty sure it is. But unfortunately can’t find it anywhere 😦 I am not sure if it is because i live in Australia or what but i can’t find it online either. Anyways you are absolutely gorgeous and funny. Keep posting amazing videos!

  2. I love ur YouTube and IG! Ur so dedicated and u put a lot of time in it thank u ^.^

  3. I love your YouTube channel! I am also obsessed with TMI

  4. Your amazing and beautiful and perfect in every way. Your my idol and i love you!! ❤

  5. I love this website!!!!!

  6. i love you and all of your accounts. wow that made me sound like a stalker. you are truly amazing

  7. I love your you tube chanell and instagram profile:) you look so much like lilly colyns (:

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