Emma’s Poetry Corner: OTP Heartbreak

Hey everyone! Sorry that it’s Friday instead of the usual Thursday but I didn’t have anything of proper quality yesterday! Today’s poem is a bit sad. Last week’s was OTP love, this is OTP heartbreak. Please leave your thoughts and any requests! Come up with some good ones please 🙂

I want all of my secrets back.

You stole them

you stole me

I am lost.

You snuck into my skin

crawling, creeping into my soul

and the worst part is not

that you ransacked it

cleared it out like it was

something for the taking.

The worst part is

I stood by and watched

I let you destroy me.

I am empty.


Categories: Poetry

2 replies

  1. Have you read Clockwork Princess? Or TID series? That was exactly how I felt, but I think it was worse. Much worse. So relatable :’) someone understands

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