John Green on TFIOS Set

John Green


New LA Times article about John Green being involved in the TFIOS movie! Shows us just how amazing John Green is!


PITTSBURGH — Most movie sets orbit around one key individual. Usually, it’s the director or the star. Occasionally, it’s a heavyweight producer. Seldom is it the writer of the movie’s source material. But John Green is not just any writer.

On a crisp day in early October as cameras rolled on Fox 2000’s film adaptation of his 2012 novel “The Fault in Our Stars,” a bestselling love story about two wry, cancer-stricken teenagers, the 36-year-old author was exerting a strong gravitational pull.

One minute, he was sitting with Fox honchos in director’s chairs, sharing his ideas for marketing the movie (“I can be in as many places as you can fly me in a single night”), the next, he was regaling the executives with the wild story of the preposterous ending he first wrote for the book (It involved a road trip to Mexico and a battle with narco-terrorists.)

Click here to view the the full article!



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