Benedict Cumberbatch Must Solve a Mystery of His Own on Sesame Street! WATCH NOW!




Benedict Cumberbatch- errrrrr….’Benedict Sherlock’- comes face-to-face with his ultimate arch-nemesis ‘Murray-arty’ on the newest Sesame Street episode in PBS!

The british actor of ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Star Trek into Darkness’, with the help of Count von Count (Jerry Nelson) and Murray (Joseph Mazzarino), explains how to count up four apples and three oranges, and which is the greater number.

Cumberbatch also , patiently and repleatedly, tries to get a very skeptical Murray to believe that he is not actually Sherlock Holmes but just plays the detective on tv.

‘Sesame Street’ might be a kids tv show, but you better bet we all swoon over how cute and dorky Mr. Cumberbatch looked counting apple’s and oranges!

One smart man! You win this time Benedict Sherlock!!!

Sesame Street Behind-the-Scenes!


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