Vampire Academy: Zoey Deutch Poses For ‘Content’ Magazine

The beautiful Zoey Deutch is at it again, this time – gracing the pages of Content Magazine. Check out her gorgeous shots and the interview!


Born and bred a show business family in Los Angeles, 19-year-old Zoey Deutch embodies very little, if any, of the stereotypical ideals of her circumstances. In her highly anticipated role as Rose Hathaway in the film adaptation of Richelle Mead’s best-selling novel Vampire Academy, Zoey handles the challenge of playing the beloved character with grace, humor, and style— traits she also seems to carry off in her real life. Refreshingly grounded, beautiful, and intelligent, this young actress is definitely an exciting face to watch—just don’t expect to see her running for political office anytime soon!
Where do you live?
Los Angeles.
What is your favorite spot in Los Angeles?
My parent’s house.
What is a cool tip you could give someone about L.A. who has never been there?
I would imagine people come to L.A. and visit Hollywood and whatever other tourist attractions there are, but my favorite thing about this city are the hikes you can take. Malibu has beautiful trails and waterfalls, and Runyon Canyon is lovely as well.
If you were mayor for the day, what would you do?
Probably thank god that I’m only mayor for one day.
How old were you when you first knew you wanted to act?
When I saw and understood that my actress mother sometimes got paid to make out with other men who weren’t her husband and didn’t get in trouble for it! Just kidding. Probably around seven, when I was old enough to register what an amazing job it really is.
What was your first acting job?
The Suite Life on Deck on the Disney Channel.
At such a young age, is having a career a lot of fun or a lot of pressure?
Both. I feel super lucky that I get hired at all, because it always seems like an impossibility for everyone in this business. Although, I’d be lying if I said it isn’t frustrating when people ask if my day acting at work was “fun.” It usually has an underlying implication that my job isn’t a job at all
and I’m just playing around with my friends. I love it [and] it’s my passion, but it’s work—it’s a job.
What do you think are the biggest pressures facing most young adults today?
The complete dependency/addiction to technology.
You come from a very musical family and you’re a dancer. Do you have a dream role in a ballet?
No, not really. Although I just saw Matthew Bourne’s “Sleeping Beauty” ballet, and I was so jealous and impressed by the dancers.
Do you sing? Would you ever add singer to your resume?
I do sing. I probably wouldn’t put singer on my resume unless it meant getting to be in the sequel of Pitch Perfect (2012).
What do you think the best songs of 2013 were?
– “Reflektor” by Arcade Fire
– “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake
– “Instant Crush” by Daft Punk
– “Unbelievers” by Vampire Weekend
– “Turn Down For What” by Lil Jon (this is real. YOU CAN’T MAKE FUN OF ME UNTIL YOU LISTEN.)
Name one of the best songs of all time.
“Anna (Go To Him)” by The Beatles.
What is a skill you wish you had?
Skiing. (By the way, I asked my sister this question and she politely responded, “Are you f****** kidding me—that’s it? Not like woodworking or something?” This is what I have to deal with.)
Favorite designers?
Kenzo, Moschino, Mary Katrantzou, Rodarte, Calvin Klein, Prada, Opening Ceremony.
Do you have a personal fashion quirk or methodology to style?
My favorite way to dress is when I’m able to mix really classic buttoned-up styles with more out-there vintage pieces.
What are your favorite beauty products?
The Kirkland shampoo and conditioner from Costco are the greatest.
What is your role in the eagerly anticipated adaptation of Richelle Mead’s best-selling novel Vampire Academy? It’s basically your story.
I play Rose Hathaway, who is the heroine and narrator of Vampire Academy.
This is a role that carries a lot of responsibility to a huge throng of fans. Were you nervous in tackling this beloved role? What distinguishes this vampire story from all the others in today’s zeitgeist?
I was mostly nervous about the physical demands I knew I would want/have to tackle in order to embody Rose (hopefully) correctly. I understand that this role carries a lot of responsibility to a huge throng of fans, but that didn’t/doesn’t make me nervous. They’re amazing, passionate, and we both share a love of this story and wanting it to be told correctly. I think the movie is hilarious and that is what sets it apart from all other vampire movies/TV shows.
How do you define a role model?
Someone whose choices I respect and who makes me want to be a better person.
Do you have one?
Yes—my mother.
You have some pretty amazing people to look up to in your own family. Is there any great advice they have given you as you pursue acting?
My mom and dad always remind my sister and me to be compassionate about how hard everyone else’s jobs are and [that] it’s always a collaboration, and that every experience I have and every person I meet will inform my work—which inspires me to keep learning, exploring, and doing new things.



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