‘Vampire Academy’s’ Zoey Deutch is Just Jared’s Spotlight of the Week!

Zoey Deutch who stars as Rose Hathaway in the Upcoming Vampire Academy movie is Just Jared’s Spotlight of the Week, check out the photos below!

Click HERE for the full article and interview that is on exclusively on Justjared.com

JJ: What’s your favorite off screen moment?

ZD: It was so long, I can’t pick one. We were all pretty… I have a weird balance of being completely aware of everything that’s going on and needing to basically be my own A.D. (assistant director), understanding exactly what’s going everywhere and at the exact same time – just being a total goof and having fun with everybody.

I know Mark Waters consciously made an effort to keep my energy very high. As you know, I’m an extremely hyper person. So I was working 16, 17 hours a day for four months including night shoots while being aware of everything, being hyper. And then I made sure that I would go out on weekends to maintain a stable and happy mind opposed to just working all the time. I was exhausted, so I can’t really think of one specific instance, but it was a great experience overall, for sure.

Vampire Academy hits theaters in less then two weeks on February 7th!


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