Vampire Academy: Tour St. Vlad’s with Mark Waters + New Gush!

Check out this feature from Yahoo! Movies!

Vampire Academy,’ the movie based on Richelle Mead’s bestselling book, is about a boarding school for bloodsuckers. The director, Mark Waters (“Mean Girls”), tells how they picked the locations for the movie’s signature scenes.

A large part of directing is about taking the mental images that form when you read a piece of material, and then finding or building something in the real world that matches that vision. Certainly when I read “Vampire Academy” I had a very distinct picture in my brain of Richelle Mead’s description of St. Vladimir’s, and I knew our first step in making the movie would be finding the real world place that could be our school.

We searched all around the world, first checking out the older prep schools and colleges in New England, then searching around Czechoslovakia, seeing many old estates and castles. Then we drove from Edinburgh, Scotland, down through the whole of the U.K. And just about an hour southwest of London, we finally arrived at the Charterhouse School. As soon as I saw the front courtyard I had that exhilirating feeling of everything locking into place. This school was not just my mental image of St. Vladimir’s… it was better.

Luckily enough the school agreed to let us shoot there during their vacation breaks, and the look and feel of the school really defined the whole look and feeling of the film. The juxtaposition of the 1800’s architecture with modern technology and modern teenagers is something that I think gives our movie a real distinctiveness.

Vampire Academy” opens nationwide on February 7.

Check out the gallery below for Mark Water’s description of each photo!

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