New Character casted for ‘Mockingjay’!


If you’re a fan of the hit show ‘Prison Break’, then you’ll be seeing a familiar face in the next installment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1!

Robert  Knepper will be playing a new character called ‘Antonius’! We don’t know much about his character because he doesn’t feature in Suzanne Collins books, but after seeing ‘Catching Fire’, I’m not too worried about it!

Knepper is listed as  ‘President Snow’s minister’, so we can safely assume that his character will be up to no good.

Collins final book in The Hunger Games trilogy, ‘Mockingjay’, will also be split up into two films. The first film will be released on November 21, 2014 while Part 2 will follow on Novemeber 20, 2015. Director Francis Lawrence recently stated why he split the film into two, “The good thing is by splitting it in two you actually will get more of the book in the movies because you have a little more time for each part. There’s also room for some surprises and additions.”.

Though the wait for the two films to be released is going to be complete torture, I’m absolutely exactly to see the final results!

I hope they realize how much this is going to torture us! 



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