Interview with author of ‘The Whispers of the Fallen’, J.D. Netto

Fandomsnews got the chance to Interview the author of the spectacular action adventure fantasy book The Whispers of the Fallen, J.D. Netto!


About the Author

It was during his high school years that J.D.Netto imagined a young boy who imagediscovered that his parents were the keepers of the Diary of Lucifer.This idea would lead him to write for six years, creating the world of Elysium.

Apart from writing, J.D.Netto is a graphic designer, musician, and an illustrator.In his personal time, he enjoys reading, movies, and doing anything with his family and friends. He currently resides in Boca Raton, FLSource: J.D. Netto’s website

In his personal time, he enjoys reading, movies, and doing anything with his family and friends. He currently resides in Boca Raton, FLSource: J.D. Netto’s website

The Interview

1.) What was your inspiration for writing The Whispers of the Fallen?

I always looked at The Whispers of the Fallen as more than just a fictional novel. I obviously aimed to write something that would entertain and leave readers on the edge of their seats, though I always knew that Whispers was going to be a story that carried a message. That’s what always inspired me: the power that a story has to change people.

2.) When did you start writing Whispers of the Fallen?

I was seventeen when I started to create the story. At the time, The Whispers of the Fallen was going to be a comic book entitled The End of Days. Looking back at that tile today, I think it sounds a bit cliché, nonetheless, it kept me focused on my writing. When I was nineteen, I decided to turn my story into a novel, naming it The Diary of Lucifer. That version of the story contained many scenes and characters that you know today. It was when I was twenty-one that I realized that the Diary of Lucifer was only a small facet of the story, so I decided to change the title to The Whispers of the Fallen.

3.) How much time did it take to research your books topic on Angels, Lucifer and Tristar?

I would say the research process started when I was a child! Mythological stories and tales have always fascinated me. Even as a kid, I was always reading books on the subject of angels, demons and gods. Research for The Whispers of the Fallen in particular started when I was nineteen. I used the book of Enoch and some passages from Isaiah to help me mold the character of Lucifer. Demonology and Angelology were also subjects of extensive research as I created the Stars and the Underwarriors. I am a strong believer in doing your research when writing any story!

4.) What character do you relate to most in your books?

That is a hard question! As a writer, all your characters, either those that fight for good or evil, have a bit of you in them. Isaac and Devin are the ones I can relate to the most. Isaac had many surprises come his way, unexpected situations that changed the course of his life forever. All of us have or will experience moments like that, when the solid foundations of life are shaken and we are forced to move on without knowing what lies ahead. Devin is very much related to my (our) inner man. The constant battle he endures against his own self is plausible and easy to relate to. Mankind has both light and darkness inside. It is solemnly up to each one of us to decide which of these will be stronger in the end.

5.) What is your favorite book series or book?

I have two series that I hold dear to my heart. While I love many, The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have a very special place.

6.) Favorite author?  Who is your role model?

You keep making this hard! I cannot simply choose one favorite author. I am a big fan of J.K.Rowling, Suzanne Collins, and J.R.R.Tolkien. When it comes to storytelling, Tolkien has always been my role model. The way he crafted his world and the extensive detail that his novels contain is absolutely inspiring.

7.) Who would you fancast as your characters if The Whispers of the Fallen became a motion picture?

Thank you for giving me the chance to be a casting director!Here are my choices for the “amazing five”.

Isaac: Jeremy Sumpterimage

Demetre: Dylan Minnette

Devin: Chris Hemsworth

Nephele: Amanda Seyfried

Adawnas: Maggie Grace

8.) Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

I see myself being happy with whatever life brings my way. I obviously want to achieve many things in the coming year as an author and as a businessman (I believe these two go hand in hand). My main goal is to finish Rebellion and to expand the series even further!

9.) What can your readers be expecting from the second book in The Whispers of the Fallen series, Rebellion? Can you give any hints?

Fans are in for quite a ride! Readers will get to meet some of the kings and rulers of Elysium, including one with power over White Dragons. The blood-drinkers play a pivotal part on the second novel, revealing many secrets about the Book of Letters. I might also reveal who the traitor inside Tristar is. I cannot forget about the Fallen Rulers! I guess you will have to wait and see…

10.) Are you apart of any “Fandom”, if so which one?

Harry Potter! My friends and I are big potter-heads. If you look at our contact list on our phones, we have named each other after the characters. We go to the Wizarding World almost every month (yes friends, I live two hours away from Orlando) and spend most of our time in Hogsmeade. One of my friends knows all the spells and is constantly correcting us when we say them wrong. I always say she would have been a Slytherin due to her “Malfoy” qualities.


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Thanks for doing the  interview for fandomsnews, J.D.Netto!!


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