The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie review!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie review!

by Sasha Alsberg


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, where do I start?

This book has changed many lives in the way it brought forth a mystical and magical world the readers could escape to when they opened the book. The shadow world is a place we all want to live in. To create a movie from this book is a challenge and Harald Zwart (Director) took that challenge, and defiantly succeeded on bringing such a book to life on the big screen.

I myself have been waiting for this movie for over a year now and with such anticipation and hype leading up to this film it’s hard to imagine what flaws or errors it may have. There seem to be two ways a book to movie adaption can go… One it could succeed in the box office and become a major franchise or two, it can flop. Badly. TMI didn’t flop but it did have some room for improvements in future sequels. This movie moved me to tears (in a good way of course). I am a HUGE fan of this book series and I could only hope for the best and the best was sure shown. This movie was beautifully created. I felt as if I was reading the book and the images in my head were coming to life on that movie screen. Well worth the wait, no doubt about that.

I never doubted the casting because I trust that the casting directors know what they are doing, and they did. This cast is FLAWLESS.

Lily Collins played our heroin Clary Fray and I am so proud of Lily. Her films in the past never showed her true potential and City of Bones defiantly did. She was truly spectacular.

Jamie Campbell Bower has had such a hard time with the fans of this series in the past hating on his casting. He was hurt by it, and it was for nothing because Jamie is Jace and that shows even more watching him in City of Bones. Jamie brought Jace to life, the cockiness and all. It was a true joy watching him.

Robert Sheehan took his character Simon Lewis in stride. It was so much fun watching him play Simon because he was just hilarious!

Kevin Zegers was a fantastic Alec Lightwood although I wish we got to see him more in the film but I bet in City of Ashes he will get more screen time (hopefully with Magnus!).

Although we didn’t get to see much of Jemima West as Isabelle Lightwood in the previews for City of Bones, trust me on this… She was a badass shadowhunter in City of Bones! I LOVED watching her.

The very talented Jonathan Rhys Meyers played Valentine Morgenstern. Let me just say, wow. I was captivated by his portrayal of Valentine. He was scary good at being the evil mastermind of this movie.

Godfrey Gao is our sexy, flamboyant High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane. This is Godfreys first American film and for his first American speaking film, I think he did great. He can only do better from here! Although his acting could of been better, he definitely has room for improvement. Ive heard rumors that they “dubbed” his voice… hmm…WHERE WAS HIS SASSINESS?!

The rest of the cast were wonderful, I would go into detail on them but I won’t want to make this review longer then it should be.

This movie blew me away with the way it handled the concepts of the book. There was a subtext to each character that is evident in the film but its not blatantly shown. City of Bones separates itself from other YA films because it is something new and not done before. The romance takes the backseat in this movie because the real problem is Clary finding her mom and discovering her past which was hidden from her. The romance was there between Clace, the greenhouse scene is romantic and HOT! I loved it, well worth the wait besides Demi Lovato belting in the background… Sadly there were a few cringing moments in the film such as the “hand in portal scene”, that was very cheesy and creepy if I may say so myself. Sometimes the romance and sexual tension between Clary and Jace was over done in unnecessary moments. If they lessened that aspect in the movie, it would of taken a more mature aspect to it rather then typical YA stereotype.

The action in this movie was so believable I flinched a few times because I felt as if I was the one getting hit, punched or slammed into a table! Jamie actually preformed his own stunts and they look EPIC!! The ending fight scene was a bit overdone and too long, it would of been better if it was a few minutes shorter. I also with Luke was more in on the action but he seemed a bit preoccupied fighting those demons in the institutes basement.

The humor in this film isn’t overdone or underdone, it is perfectly proportioned and when somebody cracks a joke in the film the audience all laughs (very hard!). At the end of the movie when the “twist” is revealed, everybody in the audience were saying things like “ah hellll nah”, “No, how?!”, “I don’t believe it”, “Seriously?”. Mundanes. My favorite part of this movie was that a lot of the lines from the book were in the movie and that is just so excited to see on the big screen!

In every movie adaption of a book some changes have to be made and although the changes in City of Bones are minimal, some of the scenes from the book are moved around so viewers who didn’t read the book could understand what’s going on in the movie. I have to admit that the ending was the biggest downfall of the movie since it differed so much from the books. Hopefully when they film City of Ashes, they will fix up some of the loose ends left at the end of the movie.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is a must see, for all ages. It’s one of a kind. Comparing City of Bones to other franchises its nice, but doesn’t give this movie all the credit it deserves. Didn’t read the book? No worries, you will still love this movie. So go watch it! In theaters now 🙂

I Rate The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones a 9/10 because the humor and acting was spot on but the cheesy romance moments in the movie really took away from the seriousness of the storyline. AND HODGE WHY DID YOU TELL THEM THEY WERE BRO AND SIS? Not cool but it is a bit understandable to the people who didn’t read the books (mundanes…).


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  1. I couldn’t deal with jamie cambell, there was no romance between himself and clary and I just felt akward trying to fit him into jaces image.. I liked the movie but i just couldn’t get into it because of him. Good acting but not a Jace Wayland

  2. I thought the movie was amazing I never douted!!! and it makes me think the infernal devices characters already happened!

  3. Ok so i saw the movie than read tge book so its very fresh in my mind and i must say i was actually disappointed when i saw how much was changed and i am uncertain how they can recoop from it without changing it even more in the next movie. For example in the movie valentine does not receive the mortal cup yet in the book he does, next is that demons do not attack the institute in the first book and i do not recall any mention of foresaken in the movie. The casting i feel fell short with a few characters such as jace and clary they did not come across the way i feel they are portrayed in the book. Jace is supposed to be devilishly handsome so much so no girl can turn him down and i dont feel that who they casted could do that. Clary did not have the fire red hair and although she was cute she just wasnt what i pictured even though i saw the movie first. Now there were things i liked in the movie i personally liked who they cast for luke, simon, alec, magnus, and hodge and although i thoughthi jonathen rhys myers made a good valentine i wish they had put a wig on him lol amd isabelle im not sure of yet. Basicly the big issues i have are the mortal cup not being given to valentine, the way they changed simons run in with the vampires, and the ending fight scene that was supposed to be between foresaken and werewolves not demons and werewolves. In my opinion they chamged enough that i feel that if i had read the book first it might ruin tue whole movie for me.

  4. Well, now we know who likes poorly written Harry Potter fanfiction disguised as an original book: the author of this biased review.
    The movie was atrocious and it tanked, just as it deserved.

    • just because you didn’t like the book doesn’t mean you be hateful towards it! I thought the book was original and great! it was almost nothing like harry potter and if you didn’t like this amazing series, then that’s your problem! if you don’t like Cassie’s books, then write a totally original book and make it a best seller. Then you can judge the books negativity.

    • and ‘the author if this biased review’ is 1000x better than you could ever dream of. Sasha is perfect and flawless and nice and everything you aren’t. if you have a problem, then you can go cry in a corner. there’s no need to be rude to someone just because of their review of a movie. I thought the movie was amazing and I thought the casting was perfect. so what if it wasn’t exactly like the book. no movies are. so don’t go sobbing to the internet just because something wasent exactly how you wanted it.

  5. I would have liked Magnus to be a bit more…..Sassier?

  6. i guess everyone has their own view. as “cool” looking as the movie was, having read the books, i was highly disappointed by the changes made.

  7. What planet are you on? That movie wasn’t even close to the book. At least they got the names right, but that was pretty much it. What a let down. Embarrassed and sad that a great book and series was absolutely destroyed. This will be a box office failure. If they would’ve followed the book it could’ve been special. SAD!!!

  8. I watched this movie late last night with 2 of my best friends. in my opinion, it was the BEST movie I have ever seen! the casting was perfect, and even though the movie didn’t exactly follow the book (but no movies ever do, so we can’t get mad) I still found myself sobbing at the end on how amazing the movie was. I can’t wait to see it again and again and again! You have not lived until you have seen this movie!

  9. This movie review is false. The movie was awful. Nothing made sense and the cast was crap. The acting even worse. They let slip big details that aren’t supposed to be released until much later in the series and completely disregarded Valentine’s relationship with Jace. And not mention left out large details about the uprising and the circle completely. This movie, in my opinion is going to go down as one of the absolute WORST move adaptations of all time.

  10. love it ..ive read the books and so love it ..perfect..hopefully successful on the next part

  11. but there is no twist for the audience now correct? I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but remember hodge tells valentine something that makes the audience not need to go oh hell nah haha. I agree it was filmed well I just think there were a lot of differences in the last part that should have been left alone because I’m fearful they now affect the future books!

  12. I actually thought Kevin Zegers was a poor choice for Alec (at least in the way I had pictured him), but that Jamie Campbell was exactly how I had pictured Jace! To each their own, I guess?

    Glad to hear that it worked out! I’m thinking of seeing it tomorrow – we’ll see if that happens!

  13. Thank you so much Sasha! that was amazing and interesting and I love your Instagram!

  14. Going to see it tonight aka tomorrow morning because midnight xD so excited omg. and lol.. mundanes. bringing a mango.

  15. Beautifully written, Sasha. Your words made me feel the excitement and pride towards the book and movie. I couldn’t agree with you more.


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