Open Casting Call for The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

Please note that we have NO control over who is cast. We recieve multiple emails to us giving details and asking to be cast. This is purely an information post as FandomsNews is not affiliated with anything to do with City of Ashes. We are just a fan site.

City of Ashes, the sequel to the highly anticipated City of Bones, begins filming September 23rd of this year.


Do you live in the toronto area? If so, your in luck! Toronto Film will be holding a casting call for all “Species”, aka looking for downworlders AND some shadowhunters. Heres what they are looking for:


Goth/punk/fetish types, they can have been in the bar scene in the first movie 18-35 yrs, any ethnicity.


Lumberjack/biker types, big, rough, hairy, 18-45 yrs, any ethnicity.


Exotic looking/Asian/Persian/interesting looking MEN ONLY any ethnicity EXCEPT for Caucasian. The following actor Godfrey Gao plays ‘Magnus Bane’ the ‘head’ warlock. This should give you an idea of what they’re looking for 18-45 yrs.


Pale, skinny, fragile with wide set eyes. Lily Cole is playing the ‘Queen of the Faeries’. Men and Women 18-40 yrs, any ethnicity.


Young, fit performers (gymnasts and swimmers not bodybuilders). Most of the lead actors are ‘shadowhunters’ 18-35 yrs, any ethnicity.

Rumor has it that the oh so famous Seelie Queen will be played by Lily Cole, is she the Faerie queen you imagined, tell us in the comments below!

Lily Cole picture (7)

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24 replies

  1. Hello

    My name is Zoe. I am 13 and would LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART to be in the mortal instruments. I have read all the books and know almost everything about TMI or TID. I would love to be a shadowhunter, werewolf, or vampire. I have had expierience on camera because I was a model but when I moved I had to stop. I am IN LOVE with the mortal instruments and would do ANYTHING to be in the movie. I live in IL, Chicago though but if there is any place in close I might be able to give it a shot. I was kind of thinking of being Muareen because she is around my age but even just being a extra would be AMAZING!! I do think I would look best as a shadowhunter or vampire mostly. Again I AM IN LOVE WITH TMI And being in the movie would be AMAZING

    • If you have anything you need me for I will try my nest to do it. Thank you and please email me if you would like to talk anyfurther thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi my name is maricela. I am only 13 yrs old but I look like I’m 15 yrs old and I would really like to play as maya. I think I would fit her style in the movie. She’s my fav character in the city of ashes. I like how she hangs out with the guys just like me. So please email me back if I got a shot to play as maya. Thank you

  3. Im 14 soon 15 I would like to be an extra or maia.

  4. Please Please Please !!! I would litereally love to be in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS !!! If you could please give me a chance I would be over the moon !!! I’m 12 !!!

  5. Hi!!
    I’m Lillian ,from Taiwan, 12years old!!
    I love mortal instruments soooo much and I would love to play Maia,
    Or any other characters and extras!!
    It would be really great to have a chance to audition for this role!!
    Please email me if I have the shot !!

  6. hi!!!
    my name is lillian, i’m from taiwan, 12years old,but i would love to be a part of mortal instruments,it’s my favorite book!!!
    i could play extras or any characters!!
    THANK YOU !!!

  7. My name is Dina im 15 i would literally do anything to play maia,, ive always dreamed about becoming a successful actress one day, i hope i get my chance. im never giving up.

  8. I imagined the Steelie Queen had more of a narrow face and no freckles.

  9. Hello, my name is Payton. I have fallen in love with all of the Mortal Instrument books, and I have always had a talent for acting. I’m 5’6, Olive skin tone, Im average size, my eyes are Hazel, and im 14 years old, I dont look or sound like 14 though, please give me a chance and let me audition, I wont let you down! Please email or call me! Thank you, have a great day😘

  10. Lol the the girl who playing the seelie queen look like clary! She should had played clary. Green eyes and red hair
    But Lilly did great playing clary but image clary different…

  11. Hello,my name is Remona I’m 15 and I am a really big fan of The Mortal Instruments. I really want to be a part of the movie.I am from Bulgaria and I think I’ll be perfect for the role of Maya.In the books she is just the same age as I am.My biggest dream in the world is to become an actress and it would mean a lot for me if I get the chance to participate in the upcoming movie.If you read this please send me an email.I will shoot a video if I have to prove my acting skills.

  12. no actually no it´s different from what I had imagine

  13. I think she’d make an awesome Seelie Queen!

  14. Hello my name is Meaghab Erb and I would to take part in this amazing opertinty and I know I’m not 18 but I’m 15 and turning 16 next august and I can look around the age of 18 and I

    • Sorry it cut me off my phone was being stupid but I would love to play a shadowhunter or a faeries. I just love the movie and I’m reading the book as we speak and I just really want to be considered and it would be good to have a new face in the film

  15. Darn no 13/14 y olds

  16. where is it being held?

  17. I wish they went younger! I’d totally go for it!

  18. Do you know where the auditons will located?

  19. I would love to play a faerie.

  20. I thought that the Seelie Queen was older and elegant. Like mid 30’s

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