Rights acquired for Obsidian movie!


Hollywood Reporter posted an article today with some exciting news for Lux fans. The Young Adult series is written by Jennifer Armentrout, so far there are three books available. The fourth book in quintrilogy Origin will be released next month on the 27th August.

Obsidian, the first book in the series has had rights acquired to produce it by Sierra Pictures. Meyer and Marc Schaberg are to executive produce the movie.

If you’ve never heard of the Lux series before, we are here to help!


The storyline follows Katy Swartz after a move to West Virgina which takes place before her senior year. She meets the boy next door, Daemon Black – and a hot one at that. Daemon has a very ‘interesting’ personality, by interesting we mean infuriating and arrogant. Katy gets drawn in to a situation which involves Daemon and his sister being pursued from enemies. Except these are galaxies of enemies, with abilities.

Interested? Then you’ll be happy to know it is coming to the big screen. BIG SCREEN! We are so happy for Jennifer here at Fandomsnews.

Very exciting! Who do you think should play Daemon and Katy? Let us know your fan cast down in the comments.


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