The Man behind the magic: Chris Rankin Interview

We have something exciting for all you Harry Potter fans here at Fandomsnews! We like to bring you interviews with all kinds of people, artists, authors, fan sites and even excitingly an actor today.

We got the lovely chance to ask Chris Rankin a few questions, who played Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Chris is an absolute sweetie – I am very thankful to know him (and for doing this interview!)

Leaky Con is coming to London this summer, where Chris will be attending. All very exciting in the potterverse!
Our lovely Sarah who does a weekly review on Saturday is even attending the event, this makes it extra exciting.

If you’d like to tweet Chris, you can find him on twitter:

On to the interview!

percyweasleyChris in costume

What made you try out for Percy Weasley?
It was something to do. Honestly! A friend of mine from school gave
me the heads-up that he was interested in applying and said that I should
too. So I did… there was nothing to lose!

What was your first day on set like? Were you nervous?
My first day filming was good fun – it was up in Goathland where we
originally filmed Hogsmeade Station and the Hogwarts Express. We were
there for two or three days and we shot the beginning and the very end of
the films. It was great – and actually I wasn’t nervous at all. To be honest, I
could barely even SEE the cameras, so realisitcally I was just getting on and
off a train!

What was your favourite moment on set?
There are way too many to name. Really – the whole thing for all 10
years of it were amazing. I don’t think there was a day that I worked on HP
that I didn’t have an incredible time and appreciate how lucky I was to be

If you could choose your own house and character you relate most to, what
would it be?
I think I’d be a ravenclaw… I don’t know why… As for a character I
relate to – I guess I’d opt for Percy to be honest… I’m not everyone’s cup of
tea, but I always do what I think is right.

What types of pranks were played on set?
Back in the early days when the “kids” were actually kids – there was a
lot more tomfoolery – but obviously, the older we all got and the longer the
series went on – the more seriously we took it. At the end of the day – films
cost a lot of money to make – and wasted time is wasted money. I don’t
think I ever really appreciated how much money it costs to make a film, but
now that I work in tv and film production – you start to realise how quickly
it all adds up….

Favourite scene from any of the movies?
Chamber of Secrets breakfast scene – OR – the Neville vs Voldemort
scene at the end of DH PtII. THAT was just epic. Such incredible acting
talent all being amazing.

Did you expect the films to get the huge reaction they did when you
When I auditioned, Potter was popular, but by no means the crazy
massive fandom that it is now. I don’t think, as a youngish boy, I had any
idea what scale we were working on when we filmed HP1. I don’t think any
of us realised how incredible it would be until we arrived in Leicester Square
for the premiere.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?
That’s a really tricky one to answer. Obviously Harry Potter has been
the biggest job I’ve had, and probably ever will have. BUT I’ve done many
different things since then. I love working on stage – and every different
show i’ve done on stage has taught me something new – I’ve produced 2
critically acclaimed theatre tours, I’ve worked on TV, Film and Stage… I now
work in TV production, and absolutely love what I’m doing these days. I get
to learn about all different aspects of a production, and see the job through
from day one to the last wrap. This is great fun 🙂

Have you ever got any interesting fan/fan mail stories?
One of the first pieces of Fan Mail I got was from a Norwegian girl
called Kari. She’d written all sorts about “contains dragon dung” all over it –
and my poor father put it in the garden because he was worried it was an
anthrax attack! (he never read the books and didn’t get the reference)

If you could write a book, what would it be about?
It would probably be non-fiction… I’m rubbish at story writing. My
creative brain interprets – it doesn’t create…. I’d probably write about

What actor/actress do you most look up to?
I look up to actors who aren’t famous. The ones who work bloody
hard day in and day out to scrape a living together in a world that they
adore. A true actor would live on the streets if it meant he could call himself
and actor. THOSE are the heros of our industry – not these ten-a-penny
pretty boys who come and go…. People who tour the country in The
Mousetrap, doing shakespeare in parks, play the dead guy in The Waking
Dead or the person in the waiting room in Casualty. They are my acting
heros 🙂

If you could create a cast of five people to work with dead or alive, who
would they be and why?
I would go with Rhys Ifans, Caroline Keiff (a friend of mine and
insanely talented actress), Sheridan Smith, Alison Steadman and Nathan
Lane. They are all alive, I know – but I like their individual styles. Christ only
knows what I’d cast them all in together – but it’d be amazing.

Any advice for people wanting to get in to the acting business?
! YES. Firstly read two books: “What’s My Motivation?” By Michael Simkins and “The
Rules of Acting” by the same author. Not only are these books very very funny – but they
are true.
Secondly. Unless you are incredibly lucky, you will NEVER be a successful actor. Don’t go
into that profession in order to become rich and famous. Become and actor because you
honestly can’t imagine living your life being anything else.

Stay tuned for the next couple weeks where we will be interviewing a few of our favourite Youtubers and fan sites. Let us know in the comments below what was your favourite answer from Chris!


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