Have you heard about the BookTube-A-Thon? No? Then it’s perfect time to get involved!

The challenges were created by ArielBissett and padfootandprongs07 and last for a week. There are 7 challenges in this – the aim of the game is to get us reading as much as possible! We all know it will be hard but lets get to work fellow readers and try and complete these challenges! So if you’re interested, here are the set challenges.

1) Read 300 pages per days. That’s almost a book a day!
2) Read a book with 500+ pages.
3) Re-read a book.
4) Finish a series/trilogy.
5) Read the book that has been on your shelf the longest.
6) Listen to an audio book.
7) Read a classic.

Bonus challenge: How many of these challenges can you compile together?

You could be reading an audio book that is the end of the trilogy/series. Or you could re-read a book that is 500+ pages. See if you can compile three together and we will give you a star for that!

You can tweet and follow @booktubeathon to tell them what books you’re reading or take part in a reading sprint. Let’s get a community together! Also use the hashtag #booktubeathon when you tweet.

The original videos are here:

And here is Sasha’s video on what books she will be reading!

So tell us down below what books you will be reading, we would love to know! Good luck and happy reading fandomers.


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