Divergent set photos (and other set news!)

So before we get to the set photos that have been released the last few days by people, there are two Divergent related news we want to tell you!

Ansel Elgort has now wrapped up on the set:

Divergent will also be wrapping up filming this week, which hopefully means that we soon will have a trailer. One can hope! We will let you know as soon as we hear.

Now for set photos:

BO0yuLlCEAE6KQG.jpg large BO0z4I-CIAEBdzU.jpg large BO0zHLiCAAACNes.jpg large BO0zqA3CcAA5mDC.jpg large BO01AXsCQAAWwwC.jpg large BO2fqGKCQAE1sKR.jpg large BO2WczpCIAIR2zE.jpg large BO2Wh8pCQAEnK7l.jpg large BO6h1FHCAAAIj1F.jpg large
Do the factions look like you imagined? Let us know in the comments below.

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