Behind the scenes of Divergent with Entertainment Weekly

Did you catch the video with Entertainment Weekly last night on the set of Divergent? Missed it? Not to fear! We have a round up of the video below.

You can find the video here if you’d like to watch it again… and again and possibly even again again. Wow, that’s a mouthful.
I must say, Shailene Woodley is certainly is kicking butt!

The behind the scenes segment is set on a Chicago rooftop with the initiates learning to use guns and some running, leaping and rolling from Zoe Kravitz (Christina) and Shailene Woodley (Tris).

They were both on hand to add comments about the upcoming movie which comes to theaters 21st March, 2014.

Shailene Woodley spoke about Tris’ character:

Her decisions are constantly being torn between whether to be brave or whether to be selfless.

Zoe Kravitz spoke out on her thoughts for the movie:

Yeah, I think we are going to kill it.


The video ends with Kravitz laughing after rolling across the rooftop. We think she’s adorable and will make the perfect Christina!


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