Cassandra Clare signing including full Q&A videos and Jamie Campbell Bower singing

Hello my fellow Shadowhunters! I was very lucky to be able to go to London yesterday to attend the event that Waterstones put on, featuring Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan and Jamie Campbell Bower. Oh yes, we certainly fangirled us!

I managed to film the Q&A and both songs of Jamie (which are amazing, he is very talented!) so will feature that now as I know you’re probably all jumping up and down right now. I still am 😉

Part One of the Q&A:

Part Two of the Q&A:

Part Three of the Q&A:

Part One of Jamie singing:

And Part Two of Jamie singing:

That’s it for videos folks! But I am going to talk about the whole experience now.

Just… wow.  When people said they were so lovely in person, they really are. All three of them have wonderful personalities – it was a really surreal experience, being in a church full of about 500/600ish people!

The church itself is really beautiful, I like the fact we could of been in our own little institute almost!

The event started around 6:30pmish going on for nearly an hour. You could feel all the fangirls unite in there, Jamie did get several laughs out of us during the space of the evening! Waterstones coordinated the whole event so well, so my hats off to you!

Now for some photo spam: I couldn’t get a lot as I was filming sadly!

IMG_9620 IMG_9621 IMG_9622
IMG_9625 IMG_9626 IMG_9627
As for the signing, I’m very thankful that I was perhaps the fourth person to meet them – they are all so lovely, friendly and hilarious. I had given the the three of them handmade gifts, so I’m still swooning that Jamie actually put on the necklace after I left! I do have a photo (from IG, not my own) that I’ll show you:

My conversation with Jamie was pretty much: “I have a present for you – it’s manly inspired. You know, man jewellery, suitable for men.” Blabbering? Me? Maybe. He was amazed at how it was made though! Which is glass painted with nail varnish on if you’re wondering!

My Dad sneakily got a photo of me with them all:

IMG_9629IMG_9635CUPCAKES. Just needed some appreciation for how delicious those were.

I didn’t really get to speak to Cassie much, but I’m flabbergasted I’ve met one of my favourite authors – thank you Cassie for having an amazing brain!

Sarah Rees Brennan is hilarious, kind and gives amazing hugs. She was speaking to be about Unspoken and fangirling and discussing goats.

Waterstones were selling the movie tie in edition and some other merchandise so I picked up the little book of quotes as it was adorable. I might take a few photos from inside later on that aren’t too spoilery in another post so you get an idea of it!



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