Glamour UK interview with Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassandra Clare

Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace Wayland) and Cassandra Clare (Author) answer fan questions from Glamour UK ‘s twitter.

Check out the interview below:


Which characters are the best role models in The Mortal Instruments?

Cassandra Clare: Each has something different to teach people

How hard was it doing stunts? Was it difficult to recover?

Jamie Campbell Bower: Very difficult and no I’m still sore and going back to do No. 2 (City of Ashes)

Best joke on The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones set?

Jamie: We had a lot of private ones, but none made much sense. I was probably the biggest joker

Favorite and least favorite things about Jace?

Cassie: Fave – that he’s loyal. Least fave he doesn’t think when he acts

Jamie: Most fave vulnerability, least fave – the same as Cassie

How did the idea of this book series (The Mortal Instruments) come about?

Cassie: I was inspired after going to magical New York City

You said that Lily (Collins) is amazing as Clary. What was your favorite scene with her?

Jamie: Greenhouse scene

If you could play any other character, who would it be?

Cassie: Magnus

Jamie: Madame Dorothea

Has the character of Jace inspired/changed you?

Jamie: A lot. There are parts of Jace in me I didn’t know existed

What was it that made Jamie’s audition stand out?

Cassie: Jace goes through lots of emotional changes & Jamie could do that

What was your favorite weapon to play with and why?

Jamie: The staff, because I’ve never wielded a staff before.

Do you feel more identified with Jace before or after meeting Clary?

Jamie: After

Could you give us hunts to the plot of the last book (City of Heavenly Fire)?

Cassie: We leave this world entirely for a different world

What’s the #1 perk of being a Shadowhunter?

Jamie: Leather

if you could be any of the characters from City of Bones who would y0u be?

Cassie: Someone mundane and not in danger

Jamie: The cat Church

Is it true that you got a rune tattoo?

Jamie: It’s not true. I’m not getting a rune. I know what I’m getting

Best Jace line?

Jamie: To love is to destroy – it’s pretty accurate

Cassie: If you want me to rip my clothes off you should have just asked

Any plans for releasing some of your music on iTunes?

Jamie: Yes, lots of plans

Did your perception of the characters change after seeing the film?

Cassie: Yes, when I’m writing I picture the actors

Shadowhunter, vampire, warlock, werewolf or mundane?

Jamie: Shadowhunter

Cassie: Warlock

What are you most looking forward to for City of Ashes film?

Cassie: The court scene

Jamie: The development of characters

What celeb do you think is secretly a Shadowhunter?

Cassie: David Bowie

Jamie: The Hoff

Would you consider doing a song for the soundtrack?

Jamie: Absolutely. Unfortunately it didn’t happen this time

When are you back training for City of Ashes?

Jamie: Right now. It’s killing me. Shouldn’t have eaten a pizza

How do you make the decision of kill a character? How do you feel after?

Cassie: I know from the start, there’s an arc. I’m genuinely sad when they do.

If you were a warlock what would be your mark?

Cassie: Gills so I can find treasure underwater

What was your 1st reaction when you found out you got cast?

Jamie: I was shocked. I was prepared for a no. I opened a celebratry beverage. Watching Eurovision

When are you going to start filming City of Ashes?

Jamie: End of September

Which actor do you look up to?

Jamie: Old school actors & generally actresses. I love Audrey Hepburn

Who inspired you for the character of Jace?

Cassie: A bit Mr Darcy & Heathcliffe and a bit of people I’ve met in real life

C&J: Thank you! Come see the film 21 August!


Aren’t the two of them adorable?!


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