Veronica Roth talks about the ferris wheel scene in Divergent movie

It is always a pleasure to check out Veronica Roth’s blog – getting to know her thoughts. I’m glad we live in an age we can interact with authors more.

Roth spoke about the ferris wheel scene, which if you haven’t read the book is integral to the story line between the characters.

Confession: I was on set when this was likely taken, and I may have gotten a little emotional that day (and now, while looking at this photo). This is the actual Ferris wheel on Navy Pier in Chicago. So not only is it beautiful and huge, and not only are Shailene and Theo wonderful as Tris and Four, but that wheel is the real deal, the real thing I was picturing as I wrote this scene, my senior year of college, in my messy apartment with the gray shag rug that always smelled like crackers.

So, this is kind of a special moment for me. You know. A little.


The scene is exactly as I had pictured it too – I love it when books come to life just like how you imagined it!


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