Jamie Campbell Bower’s interview with Sensacine about “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”

Last September Sensacine caught up with Jamie Campbell Bower on set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie. In which Jamie plays the male lead/ love intrest, Jace Wayland. The interview was originally in spanish but thanks to tmisource, here is the english translated version.


Before talking about your appearance … Tell us about your character. Who is?

Shadowhunter is a son of one of the greatest that ever lived. And he has inherited some of that greatness. It’s a bit impulsive, and I see with that vulnerability that had the young River Phoenix. You will notice in the form of fighting, in the way that is always standing in how they protect their own emotions …

For those outside of Cassandra Clare’s books, what are the Shadowhunters?

What are they? They are the protectors of the known Universe. In the world, demons exist-I mean, in the world of the movie, not in real fortunately, and these hunters are responsible for keeping them at bay.

Do you have any personal interest in the world of the occult?

I’ve always been interested in this kind of movie, since I was little. But I have not done any research in particular.The book series itself is a bible in which we could dive.

Why do you think that people like this kind of story?

I think the key word is fantasy ‘because it brings to the people of his world. There is something cinema and entertainment have always done, which is free to the public from his mundane existence. And that’s what these stories offer. I remember when I was 14 or 15 years … It was full of fears. And there are plenty of fictional characters with the anxiety, guided by passion. Suppose teenagers can feel identified with that.

How do you face your third saga of success?

I’d be lying if I said that every time you choose to enter one of those projects I did without fear, or without anxiety. With each one I was exposing to the world. Yes, I did it because I enjoy, but I have to make other people have fun. Others would have to like what I do! And that’s scary, of course. Will this be a saga? At the moment we do not know if this will be a saga. We are shooting the first film [now already confirmed the sequel].

The tattoos on his arms lights are fake, right?

They are false, yes …

Why are you taking?

Are runes and they all have very specific meanings and powers. The Shadowhunters are the tattoo, I can not say how, but all hunters have them.

Is Jace more physical character that you have faced in your career?

Without a doubt. I’ve been training for four months to do this role. And I told the trainers I wanted to do 100% of my scenes, each of the fight scenes. I had to learn to jump and do really crazy movements, fighting over a table top very close. So yeah, physically I are demanding a lot, but I like to get challenges. No matter if people realize. For me, personally, will be very comforting to sit and watch the film and know that I’ve done those scenes.

Is there any scenes that you have not done?

So far no … I wanted to do everything. And I have. Physical training process started in London. I weighed a lot more than weight now, so I started a diet: I removed almost everything. And then we came here and started training with specialists. I learned how to move better, to trust my gravity.

Do you feel better now? Physically speaking …

Sure! It’s exhausting, because I’m taking myself to the limit … but yeah, I feel great.

How are your character and Clary, who plays Lily Collins?

They meet in a nightclub, and it’s funny because Lily is the first ‘mundane’ has been able to see him without his having yet acquired the ability to ‘be seen’ by the ‘worldly’. The intrigue comes soon, and I guess he sees something in her that also sees itself … The Shadowhunters do not interact much with the people, are stuck in their own world, but my character is perhaps a bit bored of it.

How would you describe Jace to Clary?

He considered brave. To him, she is from another world, there is something ethereal about his personality. And Lily is magnificent in its character and helps to make this believable.

For your character names were considered actors like Alex Pettyfer. Were you aware of all the rumors that generated the casting call?

I got the role for a year and a half, so it’s been an intense journey for me. What if I realized how important it was this series of books for young people? I sound like my grandfather! I would lie if I said yes. He knew the books, but it happened and when did Twilight : not really see the force knew that. I like to work based on great stories, not because they are part of a series because the movies or go for big money.

What experiences of ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Twilight’ you brought this shoot?

Nothing. Every set I’ve ever been has been different. I’ll be very honest: I’ve never felt more comfortable in a set that in this movie. I do not know if it’s because I’ve grown up or because I believe more in myself … I have prepared a lot for this. Sometimes you get hired for a project a week before we started shooting, so I do not have much time. But this has been a very gradual process and very soft. When I come to work every day, I feel very comfortable. And this is also the fault of Harald, the director, because a film set is like a pyramid … All filtered from top to bottom.

What references have chosen to compose your character?

In society there are certain sexual attraction to the bad boy image of the rock star. Always has been. When I was 15, I myself play in a band, and now I play with the Darling Buds, but then played percussion on a different band, in the environment of independent music in London. If I’m honest, I think people are not going to like my character.He’s an arrogant! But it also has some vulnerability, and only shows it to Clary. She is the only person who can see it. Potentially … going to end up hating me, but I do not care.

Are you afraid that you will happen what happened to Robert Pattinson? We refer to fame …

I’m not aware of it, and I have chosen not to be aware of it. This is going to sound pedantic, but I do not pay attention to those questions, because all I’m doing is my job. I do what I want to do, and to fuel those thoughts seem to me very dangerous. If the movie does well, the film does well, but I’m doing a job … I will make a different then playing another character.

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