The Music Warrior: Interview with Beth Crowley

Shadowhunter fans all over the world have probably heard the hit song “Warrior” by Beth Crowley. Beth is such a talented artist, she shares her music with us via YouTube and iTunes. Fandomsnews got the chance to interview this up and coming sensation, to learn  more about Beth, her music and future projects read below!

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What was your motivation to become a singer and song writer?

Singing and writing songs was a great creative outlet for me. I was horribly un-athletic, so music and threatre were a huge part of my identity when I was in school.

When did you start singing/writing?

I have always loved singing 9there are videos of me singing in elementary school talent shows that are highly amusing. We are talking crimped hair, sweet dance moves-the whole nine yards!, and I started taking piano lessons in the 4th grade. I almost quit in middle school because I didn’t think it was “cool” anymore, but my dad said, “Stick with it one more year, and if you want to quit after that you can.” I fell back in love with it and started writing songs when I was about 15. At that age, the songs were almost always about love and boys. I went on a bit of a hiatus in college, but I picked it back up again a few years ago and have been really proud of what I’ve written since then.

When did you read The Mortal Instruments & Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare? What lead you to read them?

I frist read the TMI series a few years ago, and the Infernal Devices pretty recently actually. My sister, Kate is the one that absolutely insisted that I read them, so I have her to thank for that.

What was your inspiration for writing Warriror and Skin & Bones?

I try to challenge myself to write songs about lots of different things in order to keep things interesting. I started entertaining the idea of writing a song about The Mortal Instruments after rereading the books a few times because I just adore them. Skin and Bones was a direct result of the response I got to Warrior. I was so inspired by all the great feedback from the song that when the fandom asked for an Infernal Devices song, I knew I had to at least try.

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How long did it take you to write each song?

From the time I started writing Warrior to the time I had a finished song was about 6-8 months. I was really picky about getting it just right, so it happened in snippets. I am glad I took that much time on it though, because I like the end product. Skin and Bones didn’t take long at all- about a week. It actually started out briefly as a song I was writing for a musical I was working on, but it turned into my TID song pretty quickly.

Have you ever been contacted by Cassandra Clare or the Mortal Movie team about your music?

I sent Warrior to Cassie via Tumblr, and she messages me back saying that she hoped the movie people liked it as much as she did. It was so exciting to get a response from her! The official London twitter account for the Mortal Movie also put Warrior at the top of a playlist of songs that fans want on the soundtrack, so that was really cool too..

Do you plan on submitting your music to Mortal Movie for the TMI soundtrack?

I got in touch with a publisher, who has been working to get Warrior into the hands of the right people. The music supervisor for the movie has the song, so I am keeping my fingers crossed it works out.

Should we be expecting anymore TMI or TID related songs in the future?

It is definitely a possibility! I’ve had this idea for a song about the Jace/Sebastian dynamic cooking for a while, but I will probably wait to see how things pan out in the new book.


Will you be writing any more book-related songs?

People seem to really love them, so I think it is inevitable. But I don’t want to force anything that isn’t genuine, so something will really have to strike me.

Do you plan on being a singer in the long run?

I don’t know about a singer, but I would love to go into songwriting for a living. I never really thought I was that strong of a singer, so I would be happy to write things for other people.

Why did you start a YouTube channel and when?

I was bored and unemployed about two years ago when my husband and I first moved to where we are living now, and in my spare time I made a mash-up of songs inspired by a comedy bit that Axis of Awesome did. I called it “The Greatest Song Ever Written” and put it on Youtube just so I could share it with my friends on Facebook. But it actually has gotten over a million hits now!

What would you like to say to all your fans?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and oh yeah- thank you. The idea that I would have fans in the first place is so strange to me, but they are just so fantastic and encouraging. They have given me the bravery to pursue songwriting as a career, and I am so grateful for them.

Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

If I could still be making music that affects people positively and makes them feel something, even if it is just a handful of people, I will be happy.

Check out Beth’s YouTube page:


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“Skin and Bones”

You can also buy Beth’s songs, which are available on iTunes for $0.99!

Thank you Beth for doing this interview, it was great to learn more about you! 🙂


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