Richelle Mead talks Blood Sisters film

Richelle Mead recently talked to Yahoo about the movie being made from her books, The Vampire Academy.

“This is not a cutesy movie,” Mead tells Yahoo! Movies. “You’re going to laugh at things you probably think you shouldn’t laugh at and you’re going to be gripping your seat for the action. It’s a big world and the moviemakers made it even bigger.”

“There’s this dark humor that runs through it all, but it’s not totally irreverent … I like trying to balance these seemingly opposing killings and forces and Mark gets that, Daniel [Waters, the screenwriter] gets that. It’s been in their previous works so they had it captured perfectly in this one.”

“When I set out to write ‘Vampire Academy,’ I did more research and I found the Romanian variants, which had two races of vampires,” she explains. “Your friendlier and nicer Moroi and the undead bloodsucking creatures of nightmare, that’s Strigoi. I thought what a neat thing that would be if I use that as the basis for a world … I certainly made up plenty too. Their society, their culture, their royal politics, that was all me … It’s like being able to just take a kernel of something and running with it.”

Richelle Mead also spoke about the casting of Rose, who is being portrayed by Zoey Deutch.

“Her personality is big and that’s what Rose is,” she shares. “The dedication she put into the physical part of this … doing all this grueling stuff, but she throws herself into it. Obviously, Zoey the person and Rose the character are different, but there’s something between them, I think, that just resonates beautifully.”

You can see the full interview on Yahoo here.


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