Lily Collins talks Mortal Instruments and the fan base

Lily Collins recently spoke with about The Mortal Instruments and it’s fan base. Lily is playing Clary Fray in the film City of Bones coming out in August. Which by the way, is now under 2 months away! Yay!

There is a huge anticipation for this movie and Lily is also feeling it. Although she is thankful to have us as a fan base! Read below to hear what she said.

“I believe in the stories, I believe in Clary the character, I love that fantasy world, I love playing in it. And the thing I love the most about these books and what Harald [Zwart] our director has done is he’s brought it to this realness that really grounds it and doesn’t make it just a fantasy film.

It’s got many, many fans which is a blessing because you have a built-in audience. Of course there’s extra expectations but at the end of the day they’ve been so supportive and positive so far, so I do feel very positive that it’s going to be received well. I’m very proud of it.

Lily also speaks about City of Ashes.

“We’ve already been green lit for a second one which is really exciting, so we’re prepping for the sequel.”

We love you Lily – our fanbase is large and strong and you are our Clary.


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