City of Bones due to be released 21st August for UK fans

Attention UK Shadowhunters!

So we all know the news that City of Bones was going to be released even earlier by two days in America. The news came out a few weeks back, much to the delight of American fans!
I’m happy to announce that @InstrumentsUK on twitter has announced that UK fans will be getting the film on the 21st August too. Which has caused major delight and excitement here too.

“70 DAYS TO GO until : City of Bones – in UK cinemas AUGUST 21ST! RT if you’re excited!

Sadly, there isn’t any news that other international countries will get the film sooner. France doesn’t get it till October! Let’s hope that the film gods change that for them too.

BMkrGalCMAAp7Ov.jpg large

Are you in the UK? Are you excited to get the movie even sooner? Or will this be hard to go to a midnight showing for you? Let us know in the comments.


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