Vivian Hebel Interview: From Book to Reality

From Book to Reality

Fandomsnews caught up with Viviane Hebel for an interview on her beautiful creations. In this interview she talks about her jewelry, inspiration and much, much more!

If you’re a fan of the Curse Workers, Modern Faerie Tales, Shadowhunter Chronicles, Grisha Trilogy, Lynburn Legacy, Covenant, Lux series, Syrena Legacy, Sweet Evil or Draculesti you have probably have either heard about or seen Viviane Hebel’s work. If you have not, let me tell you a little bit about what Vivian does. Viviane Hebel is a jewelry designer and creator extraordinaire!  Vivianes interests lie in creating book-related jewelry, she actually creates jewelry that comes straight out of the books!

I myself have multiple pieces of jewelry she created for the Shadowhunter Chronicles which include a fearless rune ring, Morgenstern family ring and a rune bracelet (I wear them all!).

Viviane puts her all into creating jewelry people will love and it really shows in her collections of hand-made jewelry.


How did you get in to jewelry making?

It’s been an evolving process that started about 10 years ago, with beading and ended up in silversmithing when I decided I wanted more than just putting pieces together. I went to school for Integral design; graphic, industrial and textile and I’ve always been drawn to 3D design over flat so this was more or less of a natural evolution for me.

Whats your inspiration for your creations?

Books for sure. But then any random thing I see day to day. I guess I am always on watch out mode, and anything can snap my attention.

I love reading and trying to imagine the settings and specially pieces or situations that can be transformed into jewelry.

What is your most favorite piece of jewelry you’ve made?

It’s so hard to choose! The Clockwork Angel for sure, but I also love the Morozova Collar and the spinner rings.


What is your best seller?

As of today, most definitely the Clockwork Angel and the Replica version.


How do you make your jewelry?

Mostly is fabrication method. I start from metal sheets and wire. Cut, pierce and form, solder together and finish. Since the business grew I’ve had some of the popular pieces casted for faster reproduction, but they are still hand finished.

What series jewelry is the most fun to create?

The ones that have a bigger world around them. More to roam around and search for inspiration.

What author would you most like to meet?

In general I’d love to meet Robin LaFevers and Deborah Harkness great historians. I was always terrible at history, so I admire them.  I’d love to meet Anna Banks, she’s hilarious.

Have you met any of the authors you’ve created jewelry for?

Luckily, have met most of them.

Do you collaborate with authors when making jewelry from their books?

Yes. Even if it’s a piece that came from my inspiration, I always check with them. Sometimes it’s just a Yes! And sometimes there’s brainstorming to get it right. I appreciate their input since it’s really important for me to get pieces right how they pictured it, and that they stay true to the story.


Who’s your favorite book character that wears the jewelry you’ve made? Why?

I would say Isabelle Lightwood owns the most. She works them best.


Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

Hopefully still making jewelry inspired by even more magical stories.

Do you have any interesting jewelry making stories?

Well, looking for supplies is somewhat of a job in itself. Watch gears for the angels are not so easy to come by. I’ve bought stocks from all over the world. The Internet makes it possible! The Swarovski crystal in the Ruby Necklace has been discontinued too many times to count…lots of hours researching for good replacements.

Looking for the right stone for the Witchlight pendant I ended up in a garden supply store, digging around the different lots of pebbles and such…I finally found it in a store I get supplies from and never have been able to find it anywhere else so I bought all their supply just in case!

Getting the right obsidian crystal took some research too


Have you had any unusual requests?

Only once I was asked to make a pendant of a moose’s head profile, but now that i have the Morozova collar, not sure what is really unusual anymore, but I do get a lot from video games.

Will you be adding more books to your list of the ones that you already make jewelry for?

I sure hope so!

Any ideas of what jewelry we can be expecting in the future?

I always have some in the way, but can’t really tell. Just stay around

Just reading the interviews shows what dedication Vivian has for her art! Very Inspiring 🙂 Thank you Vivian for sharing talking with us about your jewelry!

If you want to see more of Viviane’s work, head to her website !!

Stay tuned for next weeks interview who you Shadowhunter fans should be very familiar with. Find out who it is only here at!


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