Sea of Monsters: NEW Poster of Percy

Attention camp half bloods!
MTV have released an exclusive photo of Logan Lerman, reprising his role as Percy Jackson for the second installment ‘Sea of Monsters.’
The poster is simplistic, with nothing too crazy distracting us from Logan. Sometimes you need something simple to be able to appreciate what is going on – which is Logan rocking out his looks.

Hopefully the readers will enjoy this – a part of the fanbase for Rick Riordan’s didn’t enjoy the first film. However, Sea of Monsters looks very promising and I’m certainly looking forward to it after seeing the trailer! Logan has said there are “bigger monsters, bigger effects” which makes us incredibly excited.


The movie is due to be released this summer on August 7, 2013. Are you going to be going to see the movie? What did you think of the poster? Write your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. I was good with the first movie: as long as I didn’t try to compare it to the book! I haven’t read the series in years now, so I’m just watching the movie solely based on the fact that it actually looks pretty good this time around. Plus, Nathan Fillion.

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