New “FOUR” character image revealed!

After much anticipation leading up to the release of our leading man, Theo James as Four… the photo we’ve been waiting for is finally here! Theo defiantly does Four justice while sporting a black T and a sliver of tattoo on his lower neck. Can’t wait to see him in action when Divergent hits theaters March 21, 2014, next year!

Entertainment Weekly states:

“EW caught up with Theo James while he was on a break from shooting Divergent in Chicago where the production will continue until mid-July.  ”Is this the picture where I have a t-shirt on and no pants? I was really hoping they’d use that one,” James jokes, before explaining that this picture (note: he is wearing pants) captures a moment from early in the film when Four is showing the Dauntless initiates around their new headquarters. “I’ve introduced them to this world and they’re still in the beginning stages of training,” he says. “At this stage you don’t really know what Four is all about.”

James got a taste for leadership when much of the cast participated in a kind of boot camp before filming. James was even given the opportunity to take charge of the Dauntless training, leading the 50 or so actors that make up the core group of background Dauntless characters. “They didn’t know he was playing Four, they thought he was our stunt coordinator,” says director Neil Burger, with a laugh. “He put them through it.””

WOW sounds great! Thank you EW for catching us up on the newest Divergent news from the one and only, Theo James!

DIVERGENTDoesn’t Four look amazing? Sounds off in the comments below about what you think of this new photo!

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