Allegiant Fan Voted Tour

Y’all guys should get super excited for this news! Veronica Roth has news that for the release of her new book, Allegiant which is the third and final installment in the Divergent trilogy there will be a fan voted tour. That’s right – you guys can get to decide if she goes to a bookstore near you!

The tour is only in America though – which for anyone international this news might not come as so exciting. Sorry guys! Hopefully Veronica might do something in the future, we will keep you posted if we find out.

Vote_share graphic

This means that places that don’t normally get visits in America have the potential to make this tour different. What fabulous news! Not only can you get your family and friends help to get Veronica come to your state, you can also enter in to a sweepstakes where you will win a trip to meet Veronica on her tour. Double chances to meet our beloved Divergent author.

Want to know how to enter? Click the link below, where you can enter the sweepstakes and vote. Remember to vote before 24th June!

Make sure to check out the official rules whilst you’re there and get voting!

What state will you be voting for?

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